Rental Sweet Rental

The Cost of Gold….and Rent

You might be all too familiar with the struggle of working full-time to make rent, attempting to have a life outside of working to pay the rent, and thinking about squeezing in the time or energy to get a workout in, likely in that order. Now imagine reversing the priorities on that list. Imagine prioritizing your workouts ahead of how you are going to pay rent.

Security Insecurities

We had been taken. There was never any intention of returning our security deposit back to us, and were the fools who didn’t even see it coming. Maybe they had somehow convinced themselves that window coverings had magically repaired themselves, broken outlets healed on their own, and their property wasn’t in filthy despair when they gave us the key. Or maybe they knew they were stealing our security deposit and just didn’t care.

United We Stand

1. I’m not the landlord
2. I signed the lease and don’t own the property
3. I will have to ask permission to do anything to the property other than clean
4. I will wish/hope/pray every night that I get my security deposit back

When we stand united, we don’t need to settle, we can hold landlords accountable for poor properties, and empower landlords who value good tenants.

‘Tis the Season

You may not realize it, but there is actually a moving season. If you have kids, it avoids pulling them out of school or disrupting their studies, if your generally broke, it’s about as far away from the holiday shopping as you can get, and if your moving yourself, you don’t have to move furniture on ice.

Let Freedom Ring

43 million Americans are coming together, transcending generational gaps, income classes, and familial status, all in the name of…renting? What is it about renting that can bridge the wealthy and poor, and the recent college grad and the retiree in a way no politician can?

It’s getting HOT in here…..

Ahhhhh summer, popsicles, sprinklers, and hiding in your car because it’s cooler than your apartment. Gone are the days where no school and slip and slides are simply enough, work didn’t let out for the summer and lets call it what it is…. HOT. Maybe the lack of air conditioning in your rental space just didn’t standout to you when you signed your lease in November. Or perhaps the metal box that sings beautiful songs of blowing cool air gave you the impression there was actually an air conditioner.

Your Rental, Your Canvas, Your Home

Sometimes a white wall is part of a well thought out design scheme, but when your moving into a rental space with white walls that you didn’t paint white, the space can feel sterile, unfinished, or just not quite yours. For years, painting walls was a necessity in our rentals, it just didn’t feel like home until there was color on the walls. My husband just loved that, the time, the cost, the painting them back when we moved out. It was a testament of his love for me that he begrudgingly tackled in rental after rental. But in our more recent rentals, painting hasn’t been an option, and for me, the struggle was real. How do I make a rental feel like a home without color on the walls, without making it my own.

Love & War & Landlord/Tenant Relations

Can’t everyone just get along? It all seems so straightforward, the landlord is profiting off you staying in their rental property, you are getting a place to call home, let’s all just be happy together. Unfortunately, as with any relationship, it’s just not that simple and landlord/tenant relationships are particularly complex. After all, this relationship affects how you live and, of course, your money.

Rent like a Pro (aka rental regret avoidance)

t was the day after we had signed our lease, the rush of excitement from finding our new home had settled, the pressure of needing to find a place had lifted, and in the light of a calmer day, we immediately knew we had made a mistake. In our quest to be done house hunting, get back into our own place and stretch out a bit, we got hasty. We overlooked the clues that things might not be what they seemed, the good seemed to outweigh the bad, and our impatience made us overlook the hidden, after all, how bad could it be?

When the heart of your rental is….ugly.

Your moving into a new home and so desperately want to make it your own rental sweet rental, but with first, last and security just being paid, your bank account might not be quite so eager. Curbing that kind of enthusiasm can be disappointing, but with budget friendly design ideas, you can cook up something to put your very own stamp on the heart of your rental, the kitchen.

Take the unknown out of renting