Rental Diaries

Great apartments that were very well maintained.  Enjoyed our time in the complex.  The only issue for us was the lack of security.  There were constantly cars lingering around the gate at very late hours that would be trying to tailgate you in the complex.  As we were leaving it felt like more and more people were just milling around the parking lots at night, felt like the right time for us to move on.


Montgomery, Alabama

The wiring was very wacky so I was paying for the neighbors dryer and most of their home electricity…which is fine if you have cool neighbor who will make sure it gets covered, but they were throwing me ten bucks a month when i was covering most of their bill. Then plumbing issues occurred. When my neighbors used their toilet it would come up my tub and vice versa….our living situation was UNBELIEVABLE. 


Sarasota, Florida

Location: Perfect! Neighbors: Perfect! Landlords: Perfect. The home is very old and charming however it was just my taste. With that being said usually those homes need a little love. Everytime I have even brought anything up someone had been there that day to fix it….The person who gets this rental after me is truly blessed.


St. Petersburg, Florida

Renting shouldn’t be scary